Main Focus: Arm Path

    Unlock the secrets of a powerful pitching arm by developing the correct arm path. Proper arm path mechanics can help you generate more velocity, accuracy, and consistency in your pitching. Using these drills, our expert coaches will help you develop a successful arm path, including arm slot, elbow position, and release point. The drills and exercises will help you train and perfect your arm path, leading to faster, more effective pitches. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pitcher, understanding the importance of the arm path can take your game to the next level. Don’t miss out on this essential training for any serious baseball pitcher.

    Drill Phase Sets & Reps Notes
    A1 Pelvic Tilts Transition 2×20 Maintain balance in the middle of your feet. Tilt your pelvis forward and back while resisting the rotational pull
    A2 Pelvic Rotations Transition 2×20 Complete 2 sets of 20 rotating against the resistance and 2×20 with the resistance. Focus on separating hips from shoulders
    B1 Ride the Slide Back leg 2×12 Hinge into your hips, resisting knee bend as long as possible. Take the glute of your back leg towards the wall as slowly as you can
    B2 Reverse Plyo Throw Arm path 2×8 Start with the ball near your front foot. Leading with your elbow and pinching your shoulder blades together as you pull the ball and throw back behind you
    C1 Kneeling Pick Up Arm path 3×8 Lead the movement with your elbow and focus on pinching your shoulder blades together
    C2 SE Slam Front Leg 4×12 Standing in a larger than normal stride. Initiate the movement by straightening your front knee and pulling your front glute backwards-rotating your pelvis
    D1 Reverse Pivot Pick Transition 3×8 Standing with your feet 45° to the target. Turn your shoulders as square to target as possible. Use your hips/pelvis to rotate back the other way and throw into the target. Keep your feet locked in, to create more rotation
    D2 Load on Turn Front Leg 4×12 Stand in a long stride with your feet pointing toward home plate. Turn your chest back towards 1B/3B with your arm cocked to 90°. Pause. Use your hips/pelvis to rotate you towards target and throw
    E1 Side to side Medball Transition 3×20 Standing with knees slightly bent, hip hinge. Keep hips/pelvis facing target and turn shoulders as far to 1B/3B as possible. Rotate aggressively back towards target and throw. Repeat on other side
    E2 Step back & throw Whole sequence 3×10 Facing away from target. Step toward target with your back leg, continue to rotate and throw to target