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    Our new resource for baseball players, parents and coaches that love baseball information that do not know always where to find good quality information. . We have created Top Ten categories such as hitting, throwing, pitching, running/base stealing, technology etc with the current best posts on social media, podcasts, articles from around the world from the top resources. It is great information and all free!
    This is a great chance for you to follow some great people in baseball that provide create content on a regular basis.
    We are already working on the second edition with some updated posts and additional expanded categories. We hope you enjoy the read!!
    Special thanks to Alan Jaeger Sports for taking the extra time to help me with suggestions and to Eric Cressey for his support for over 10 years.


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    The following rankings are not particularly in order of importance:



    1. Max Sherzer on Pitching Grips 
    2. Sports Performance: Study the Majority, and Stop Cherrypicking Exceptions to the Rule
    3. 6 Key Factors for Developing Pitchers
    4. Developing Pitchers with Nate Yaskie and Patrick Jones Baseball
    5. Mike Soroka on throwing a sinker 
    6. Flying Open causes by CSP pitching
    7. Vertical Shin Angle and Pitching Delivery
    8. Two Seam grips by CSP Pitching
    9. Biomecanics with Dr Glenn Fleisig and Eric Cressey Podcast 
    10. Building a pitching arsenal 


    Base Stealing/Running

    1. The 60-Yard Dash: A case Study
    2. 5 tips to improve your 60-yard dash 
    3. Loren Landow: A Masterclass in Speed Development
    4. Speed Science: What makes you fast or slow?
    5. Comparison of three base stealing techniques in division 1 collegiate baseball players
    6. Drive & drop start technique
    7. Top base stealer technique
    8. Sprint Kinetics, Kinematics, and Training Application
    9. Resisted Sprint Training-Altis & 1080 Motion
    10. Our Need For Speed Series


    Combo Section: Technology, Recruiting, Injuries and Others:

    1. College Baseball Recruiting Podcast
    2. Technology revolution
    3. A Letter To This Years MLB Draft Picks
    4. Blast Motion and HitTrax by Driveline 
    5. Detailed View of the swing with K-Vest by driveline
    6. Elbow Issues Podcast
    7. Optimizing Rotational Power with Dr. Greg Rose and Eric Cressey
    8. Introduction to K-Vest
    9. The Value of Data In Player Representation
    10. MLB Players Packing on Muscle: Analysis of 144 years of reported weight of players



    1. Tony Gwynn on Hitting
    2. Tee Hitting Drills With Freddie Freeman
    3. Mike Trout Swing Analysis with Tech
    4. Physical Attributes of A Hitter
    5. Alex Rodriguez Hitting Thoughts…Right or Wrong???
    6. Rotational Sequencing and Hitting with Driveline 
    7. Effect of tee height on leg use during hitting
    8. Eye Focus During Hitting
    9. Mike Trout and Arod Hitting Drills
    10. Barry Bonds on Hitting


    Strength Training for Baseball Players

    1. Resistance Training – Considerations in Maximizing Sport Performance
    2. Simplicity and Individualization: The Hallmarks of Every Successful Program
    3. Essential guide to Velocity based training
    4. The 90mph Formula
    5. Why French Contrast Training May be the Key to Your Strength Breakthrough
    6. Factors Modulating Post-Activation Potentiation and its Effect on Performance of Subsequent Explosive Activities
    7. Do you need to do Olympic lifts?
    8. Coordination Training for Future Champions
    9. The relationship between maximal squat strength and 5, 10, & 40 yard sprint times
    10. Preseason Shoulder Strength Measurements in Professional Baseball Pitchers



    1. Throwing Programs with Alan Jaeger and Eric Cressey 
    2. In-Season Throwing Program with Alan Jaeger
    3. Kinematic Sequencing of a pitcher/throwing by OnbaseU
    4. Jaeger Sports Baseball Throwing Program — How to Long Toss
    5. Tommy John Rehab and guidelines with Stan Conte
    6. J-Band Exercise Routine
    7. Throwing Topics (weighted balls etc) with Mike Reinold and Eric Cressey
    8. Review on The Core Velocity Belt by Scott Brown Baseball Coach of Vanderbilt University and others
    9. Lead leg patterning Drills
    10. The Origin of Throwing Programs + Mechanical Myth + Rehab Throwing Advice


    Fielding: Outfield/Infield/Catcher

    1. Ron Washington On Fielding 
    2. Fielding Drills with Ozzie Albies and Ron Washington
    3. Nolan Arenado on 3rd base fielding
    4. Bobby Dickerson On Tag Plays
    5. Bobby Dickerson on Double Plays
    6. Catching/blocking with Tanner Swanson
    7. Catching: Tanner Swanson and Eric Cressey Podcast
    8. Outfield Drop Step Drill for Youth Players
    9. Antonelli Baseball AND Ron Washington
    10. Fielding a ground ball In The Outfield 


    Mental Game

    1. Batters Box Management
    2. From Negative to Neutral 
    3. Mound Management
    4. The Mundanity of Excellence 
    5. Alan Jaeger Podcast
    6. Mental Practice Plans
    7. Mental Skills with Bob Tewksbury
    8. Call From The Clubhouse Podcast
    9. Jaeger Sports Mental Training Talk and Practice
    10. Changing Your Game Up Mentally as a Pitcher