How to get “hot” to throw hard: The best baseball warm up you’ll ever do

One of the most common sayings a pitcher hears from his manager is “get hot”. But what does that really mean and how do you do it?

A great warm up should:

  1. Address areas of weakness/improvement
  2. Create sufficient mobility for the task ahead to reduce the risk of injury
  3. Progressively excite the nervous system for the demands of the task

In the case of throwing hard, it’s powerful and explosive-so should your warm up end up being.

Here’s a sequence we recommend you try and that all players in our rotational power programs complete before throwing:

Rotational Power Warm Up

Does your warm up make you sweat?

Does it allow you precious time to improve areas that may be holding you back?

If you think you need help with this, book an appointment with us today and we can tailor a warm up to your needs so you can “get hot to throw hard”.

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