Super Series: How to use Plyoball’s

    Super Series: How to use Plyoball’s

    Plyo balls have become a common piece of equipment in a baseballer’s kit bag over the past few years and are an essential part of any program aimed at developing rotational power.

    • But how do you use them?
    • Do you just play catch with balls of different weights?
    • Do you throw the heaviest one as hard as you can until you can’t any more?
    • Surely there’s more to it than that?

    You’re right, there is. Here are a couple of examples



    Join us on Monday 14th March, 2022 at 730pm and we’ll answer all those questions plus:

    • Learn our favourite drills
    • Which weight ball to use for which drill
    • How you can use weighted balls even when you’re injured
    • And more!




    You get 2 plyoballs of your choice INCLUDED in the price (valued at $20 each) making this a great way to learn about plyoballs and practice straight away at home!


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