Starting on the Right Foot for Big Velocity

    To throw hard you need a big arm right?

    You need hip/shoulder separation and explosive hips right?

    What about good feet….could a change in your foot add 3-4mph to your fastball?

    It did for Travis.

    By cleaning up his front foot landing. Travis has made great improvements over the past several months, but his front foot at times becomes too slow in getting to a completely flat position for maximal force transition.

    In the first video you can see how long it takes him to flatten his front foot. Also have a look at where his shoulders are once his foot is finally completely flat.

    On the second video you can see not only how quickly his foot is flat and where his shoulders are, but also how much better his shin angle is following his foot plant position all the way up to ball release. No wonder when he does this he throws it 3-4mph faster!!!

    Great work Travis!!

    If you think you might have gotten off on the wrong foot in your quest for more velocity, make an appointment and let’s have a look.

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