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    We provide our clients with high quality evaluation using the latest in technology and biomechanical analysis. We have a combined 30 plus years of experience dealing with professional athletes in both performance and injury management.  This has allowed us to have a unique set of skills in helping players improve their performance while minimising the risk of injury. Rotational power is a unique skill that is often poorly understood. A specific assessment is needed as well as specific training methods to maximise rotational power allowing you to throw faster or hit harder with less effort. We look forward to helping you achieve your goals soon!


    How it Works

    We have Time To Listen

    An important part of our assessment is to listen to you about what issues you have, what your goals are, and what you feel when you perform their movements. This gives us a tremendous advantage to get to the true source of your problem and get you on the correct path to achieve your goals.

    We Truly Care

    We built this company on the foundation of family values and treat everyone as we would our own families. We want the best for everyone long term, not just a quick fix. We want you to achieve your goals in your sport, but also to have a long happy and healthy life after your life in sport. This means we won't cut corners for quick results at the cost of your health or long term career goals.

    We Go the Extra Mile

    If you are based too far away and can not attend in person, we are also able to conduct telehealth/video consultations. We also have video based exercises with your personalised program accessed through a free app physiapp™ or online through our technique drills. There is no time limit on your access to these exercises/drills so you can keep working on your progression between extended visits.

    Few Sports

    With focusing on only a few sports and one key area, rotational power, we are able to provide high level performance improvements to many in just a select amount of sports.

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