Throwers’ Arm Care Exercises

    At RP Performance we see arm care as having 3 roles:

    • Gaining Performance
        • Particularly focusing on the rotator cuff, the use of J-Bands will help you get stronger during internal and external rotation of the shoulder
        • Increased strength has consistently been shown to protect an athlete from the risk of injury
        • Increased strength means increased force generating capability-i.e. You can throw harder!
    • Preparing To Perform
      • As Jaegar Sports have said many times “..if you had 10 minutes to sprint as fast as you could…you would stretch jog etc, so why not do the same with your arm?”
        • The J-Band routine (with our own special variations) will increase temperature and blood flow to the key muscles of throwing
        • Increased temperature and blood flow increases elasticity of tissues
        • Increased elasticity of tissues reduces risk of injury and increases potential to throw hard!
    • Recovering From Performance
          • The J-Band routine with our modifications Increases temperature and blood flow to the muscles of throwing in the days following exercise
          • Increased temperature and blood flow removes waste products of exercise, increasing the speed of recovery
    • Increased speed of recovery allows you to train/play again sooner and still throw hard!

    Dual Arm Exercises

    Throwing Arm Specific Exercises

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