Combine Days!

    Combine Day: Measure Yourself Against The Best!

    Welcome to the ultimate baseball testing combine, where talent meets precision! Our state-of-the-art combine is designed to assess your skills in four crucial aspects of the game: the 60-yard dash, throwing velocity, hitting exit velocity, and pitching velocity. Are you ready to showcase your abilities and take your game to the next level? Whether you’re an aspiring high school athlete or a seasoned college player, our baseball testing combine is your gateway to success. Compete, compare, and chart your progress with us. Join now, and let’s rewrite the future of baseball together!


    Next Combine Day September 24th 2023 at Yarrawarrah Tigers Field


    Test your Skills For Throwing, Pitching, Running and Hitting.


    Morning Session:

    Throwing, Hitting and Pitching

    Lunchtime Session:


    Afternoon Session (if needed)

    Additional Throwing, Hitting and Pitching

    What Does Each Part Include:


    Hitters, get ready to unleash your power! Our hitting exit velocity test will measure how fast the ball leaves your bat, an essential metric for identifying potential sluggers.

    • Hand Speed
    • Bat Speed
    • Attack angle
    • Exit Velocity
    • Distance
      • Optional Extra (Additional Cost):
        • Biomechanical Assessment via 3MotionAI
        • Stride Length
        • Stance Width
        • Kinematic Sequence
        • Time To Contact
        • Pelvic Rotation Speed
    • Equipment/Software Used:

    With our throwing velocity assessment, we’ll gauge your arm strength and accuracy, vital components for a top-tier fielder. Test your skills against the best and unleash your inner cannon.

    • Throwing Velocity
      • 10 best throws
        • 4 videos for Airdrop included
    • Equipment Used:

    In the 60-yard dash, we’ll measure your speed, agility, and acceleration, providing valuable insights into your base running potential. Our cutting-edge technology ensures accurate results that can’t be beaten.


    For pitchers, our combine offers a platform to showcase your arm talent. Measure your pitching velocity and command, getting one step closer to perfecting your craft on the mound.

    • Velocity
    • Total Spin
    • Spin Efficiency
    • Vertical Break
    • Horizontal Break
    • Release Height
    • Equipment used:

    4 videos for Airdrop included

    Optional Extra (Additional Cost):
      • Kinematic Sequence
        • Stride Length
        • Release Extension
        • Hand Speed
        • Body Velocity
        • Peak Leg Kick
        • Trunk Forward Tilt
        • Max Layback
        • Knee Extension Speed
        • hand Position
        • Trunk Rotation
        • Release Height


    Combine Combo (Hitting, Throwing, Running, Pitching) $129.


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    Individual Costs: $29 Each

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    Optional Extras: Biomechanical assessment with 3MotionAI: $5 for pitching, $5 for Hitting