Advanced Throwing And Pitching

Advanced Throwing/Pitching Training

Are You Looking For Advanced Throwing Or Pitching Coaching?

The following programs are great for players looking to improve their understanding of the latest baseball technology and help improve their throwing/pitching in many ways. The key to these programs are knowing how to use the technology and implement changes. It has been great to see many programs/showcases now have modern baseball technology, but sadly rarely do players get taught what the data/slow motion video means and how to use this information to their advantage. This is because you need to have a very good understanding of what creates rotational power, where the common faults are, and which key points of data or video to focus on. Without this it becomes very overwhelming for players and coaches to work their way through the data and video analysis.

What Programs Do We Offer?

We Have Several Programs That Will Fit Your Needs


Option 1: Starter Program

Who is this designed for?
  • This is great for all ages and skill levels looking to improve their throwing both pitchers and all position players.
What does this program include?
  • Initial throwing assessment:
    • This includes:
      • Dual action video slow motion video analysis
      • Rapsodo pitch tracking for spin rate, spin direction, spin efficiency, velocity etc
      • Pocket Radar for velocity measurements
      • Warm up equipment supplied: plyo balls, band/tubing for arm care
  • Plus:
    • 30mins allocated for review and programming at a later time/day
      • Review will be complete within 72 hours with report of performance leaks and injury risks identified
    • 1 month Individualised training program outlined to address your rotational power and pitching mechanical needs
    • Video access to each drill assigned to your training
    • 3 training sessions
      • Each training session includes:
      • up to 1 hour of warm up and training
      • Instruction with verbal and visual cues on your assigned training drills
      • Access to modern training aids
        • Core Velocity Belts
        • King Of The Hill
        • Medicine balls
        • Weighted balls
        • Motus Sleeve
        • Plyoballs
      • 2 training sessions will be working on your rotational  power and mechanical needs
        • Use of the rapsodo in these sessions used as needed and on request
      • 1 training session that includes a review with the rapsodo and slow motion analysis
      • These 3 training sessions should be completed within 5 weeks of your initial assessment.
      • These are small groups sessions, a max of three per group to maximise effectiveness and efficiency in both time and costs
      • Players are expected to be throwing 2 additional times during the week for the program to be successful
  • Cost: Each session is available for physiotherapy private health rebate. Initial assessment is $95, training sessions are $40 each.
    • Plyo Balls: Each player is recommended to have their own set of plyoballs to continue training at home between sessions. We will offer them at significantly reduced rates for players that don’t have them. Please contact us for more information.


  • How Do I sign up?

    • Please click on the book now button and book in your initial assessment.
    • If you have already booked or completed your initial assessment you can then book in your three training sessions under the “starter program” option. You can add a note on each session if you like “Training session 1, training session 2, training session 3 on each training session etc. We have times available for most Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Weekends will be available in the summer months. If you don’t have a time or day that you need, please email us and we will try and make other times available.



Following options are designed For Players who have completed the Starter Program


Option 2: Month to Month

This is great for players who are looking to advance their progress made from the starter program

What is included?

    • This is the same format as the starter program. However, if the starter program was completed in the past 6 months, no new assessment is required.
    • Your new 1 month training program will be based off your training session number 3 of your starter program. We will analyse what your mechanics and your progression then update your program and training structure as indicated.
    • Cost: The cost is the same as the starter program, however, if you have completed the starter program in the past 6 months then no initial assessment is needed

How Do I Sign Up?

  • You can book the 3 training sessions using the same link as the “starter program”. If your starter program has over 6 months ago then you will need to book the initial training session first.



Option 3: Casual Visits/ pay As You Go (PAYG)


Who Is This Designed For?
  • Players who have a good program and just need a tune up with their rotational power needs.

What does this include?

  • Option of Initial Assessment (especially if it has been several months following the starter program)
    • You receive the 1 month Individualised training program outlined to address your rotational power and pitching mechanical needs
    • Video access to each drill assigned to your training
    • Report on your performance leaks/improvement potentials and injury risks
  • Option of follow up training sessions
  • This includes a training session working on your rotational  power and mechanical needs. You are also welcome to use the rapsodo and slow motion video analysis. We will help you at the time with anything that is discovered, but this does not include a detailed analysis after the session like the initial assessment.



Option 4: 3 month In-season Or Off-season Program


Who Is This Designed For?

This is great for players that have finished our Starter Program and would like to continue on their improvements.

What is included?

    • Per Month:
      • 1 month Individualised training program outlined to address your rotational power and pitching mechanical needs
  • This is updated each month after evaluations where appropriate
    • 2 training sessions working on your rotational  power and mechanical needs
    • 1 training session as well as a review with the rapsodo and slow motion analysis
  • Free Polyester/Cotton blend training shirt, perfect for baseball and gym training.



Option 5: One-on-One Individual Training session


Who Is This Designed For?

Options 1-4 are small groups sessions, a max of three per group to maximise effectiveness and efficiency in both time and costs. Players often need small rest breaks and short periods to work on drills themselves to learn from internal or external feedback.

However, in some situations players benefit from one-on-one training focus for an extended period of time to learn certain rotation power movements. We perform these sessions at the physiotherapy clinic only. These can be booked online at the physiotherapy clinic, P3- Pontifex Physiotherapy and Performance, or you can email us about this option.


To Benefit From The Technology You Need A Coach With:

  • A great understanding of biomechanics
  • A great understanding of all the data available for players
  • A great understanding of how to implement the changes from the data/technology into what players can understand and use. This is the hardest part of using modern technology.

Expected Player Outcomes:

  • Players to understand technology and how it can help them be a better pitcher
    • Which numbers/data to focus on and not get overwhelmed or confused with the technology.
  • Improved pitch design and/or throwing mechanics
  • A plan and training goals for the next weeks/months following the program
  • Velocity will likely improve, but this is not the primary purpose of the program. We have other programs for this including “Rotation Power” and “Baseball Specific Weight Training”. Please contact us for these programs.

Who can Sign Up For These Programs?

  • Any player with a great attitude and willing to learn. There is no skill requirement, just that you are willing to attend each session and put in the effort to improve as a pitcher/thrower.
  • Age: We recommend ages 13 and up, but can be slightly younger if the player is mentally and physically ready.
  • Players that can be independent with their training.
    • Players will be given instructions/drills to work on by themselves at times during the program and at home.
  • Location: GlandSlam Hitting Centre, Caringbah.
    • Dates and times are updated regularly and can be found on the booking link.



Please email us to discuss any further questions you may have.



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